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The time is NOW! The place is HERE!

Obviously this is not for every one. Nothing is!

But if you yearn for more...

If you demand more FREEDOM...

If you love helping others...

And if you are ready to start making some good money...


Discover how becoming a Public Adjuster can be a LUCRATIVE and fulfilling career.

Start training with Mike Martinez and his team and fast-forward your career!

Full or Part Time

We are experts at taking people with ZERO experience and getting them to PRO levels quickly and easily.
Part-Time up to $40,000 / Full-Time $100,000+

Valuable and Needed

Position yourself as a respected PROFESSIONAL in your community. Being a Public Adjuster you are offering a much needed service.

Be Your Own Boss

We don't create followers... We develop LEADERS. As a Public Adjuster you work your own schedule. We teach you everything you need to know to successfully build your OWN business.
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